Make money selling your photos online

How to Sell Photographs Online
Here is how it works. First, you build a nice collection of some great photos. Secondly you want to begin selling them. You sign up with a stock photography company and in return, if someone buys your photo to use in their work, then you get a percentage of each sale. If your work is good enough, and your photos are relevant to a certain topic, they could be worth money.

How Can I Make Money From My Photographs Online?
There are tons of websites dedicated to buying and selling stock photography online – but a few of them stand out from the rest for a number of reasons.

iStockPhoto : you can earn anywhere between a 22-45% royalty rate on your photos.

ShutterStock : you can earn anywhere from $0.25 all the way up to $28.00 per image download.

Fotolia : you can earn anywhere from 20%- 63% for each image.

ShutterPoint : They also accept all types of photos, so there isn’t a test or acceptance process before you can start selling.

BigStockPhoto : When someone buys your image using BigStock credits, you will receive $0.50 for every credit spent.

123RF : you get paid depending on how they downloaded your photo.

Dreamstime : There are 5 levels, and different pay scales depending on size.

CanStockPhoto : Exclusive rights photos earn 50% commission, and different sized images and assets earn different amounts of commission.

DepositPhotos : Their pay scale is similar to that of Dreamstime.