Paid Clinical Trials

As a thank you for volunteering your time, you will earn between $50 and $300 for non medical trial and on average $ 2000 or more for every single medical trial you take part in. 
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Who Can Join a clinical paid trials?

People of all ages, sex, race, or ethnic groups can be in clinical trials from all over the World. Some times they required healthy people for a clinical research study, while other time may needed sick people.

How long do the trials last?

Each trial is different, so your involvement will vary based on the trial’s pre-determined plan, or protocol. For some, you may need to stay in a study clinic for a few nights. For other trials, you may simply need to visit a study clinic every couple of weeks.

What happens if I want to join?

If you’re interested in taking part in a particular trial, you would make an appointment to visit one of our study clinics. Here, we’ll give you more information on the trial and talk you through the background and purpose of this research. 
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How to find a paid clinical trial opportunity

We recommend finding a few clinical paid trials for which you may qualify, then contacting the sites to learn more about the study and about potential payment.

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