At Experience Dynamics they live and breathe user feedback! Almost all of our user research involves hearing from end-users whether by interview, survey, or walking through a website.

They are looking for all types of people: people new to the web; IT professionals; users with disabilities; people across the world (they do regular global usability studies).

Eligibility :

Participate in research studies via the Internet and get paid! You must be at least 18 years of age to join the Survey Panel.

Benefits :

Incentives are between $50-$150 dollars per study depending on the scope of the study.  Payments are made in cash by PayPal.

Types of user research studies:

  • Field Studies: Visiting you at home or work for a 1-2 hour interview (about a topic such as an MRI, mobile banking or hospital visit)
  • Diary Studies: Providing a diary for you to record your thoughts over 1-2 weeks
  • Usability Testing: Inviting you to our facility to review a Web site or software application (across US or globally) or asking you to join a live web conference
  • Phone interviews: Speaking with you over the phone for 30-60 minutes
  • Online Focus Groups: Participating in an online focus group study
  • Online Surveys: Getting your thoughts from an online survey

Joining Fees :

There is no fee for your participation.

How to join :

To become an active participants at Experience Dynamics, please visit at their official portal, and when you surf at bottom of the main page, you will able to clearly see the button of “JOIN OUR PANEL”.

By signing up to Experience Dynamics panel you will be added to their private Participant Database. Your contact information will not be used for any other purposes, strictly to notify you of research studies.

Note –

You may not hear from  Experience Dynamics right away, but don’t worry — you’ll be on their list! When they plan for upcoming studies, they will query their database for to see if you match the criteria of the study they are trying to fill.