When you join FGI’s SmartPanel, you become part of a team, dedicated to delivering quality research. Our research surveys cover a variety of different subjects, for companies in many different industries.

The one thing they have in common is that your feedback has the power to shape the way these companies interact with YOU, the customer. Your feedback helps companies make their decisions about how to improve the products and services they offer.

Eligibility : 

Worldwide panelist can join. If you have opinions to share and are over 18, please join their team.

Benefits : 

When you receive an invitation to a research opportunity, such as a survey or focus group. Get paid $5-$10 or every email survey you complete and $30 for an one hour online focus group. 

Joining Fees :

Membership in Panel is FREE. You will never have to pay any money to be a member.

How to Join :

Sorry this panel has been Closed and this is no longer accepting new panelists.

In order to join the SmartPanel team, they need you to complete their profile questionnaire. This survey contains questions about a variety of topics that will help them determine the most suitable surveys for you.  let’s get started!