Register with GLAXES! As a registered tester at they will invite you regularly to interesting surveys on various topics. You can earn money with your opinion!

Furthermore, Glaxes gives you the opportunity to participate in developing new Products or new Services.

Eligibility :

Glaxes are a German based an International Survey Panel. If you are 18 Years old or above you can become a member of this panel.

Benefits :

In compensation for your effort you get an incentive. It depends on length and kind of survey. Usually you can expect between 500 credits for 5-8 minutes and up to 3000 for 30 minutes length of survey.

For a 30-minute-interview you can count on 5 GBP/ 7 US-$. After you have reached your payout minimum you can e. g. order money via PayPal or an Online Gift Voucher.

Please note that the your survey credits are valid for 2 years in your GLAXES account so as soon as you need to redeem your earing to avoid any loses.

Joining Fees :

Yes, everything is free at Glaxes. You do not need to pay any registration fee or membership fee.

How to join :

If you are ready to become a member of GLAXES Survey Panel, You need to have an e-mail-address, and a create a very new secure password for the same. During the process of registration you need to submitting some information about yourself also.

They need some basic data like your age and gender. After filling registration form they send you an email confirming your registration. With the link you can find there, you can activate your account. Without activation the registration is not finished. After that you can log in to your GALAXES member account to see your balance.

Your information will only be used to validate your credentials. Registration information is held in the strictest confidence.