Basis on the time, In the case of certain focus groups you may be paid by the hour, but generally you are paid a set amount for participating in a survey, focus group, or other opportunity.

Per Hour Payment

Most of the focus groups panels are paying on the base of time, because they are more longer then the ordinary surveys. And if any survey taking more time, means panels are ready to pay their respondent more compensation.

Typically you may earn between $50 and $150 or more for 60 Minutes with Focus Groups Studies.

Per Survey Payment

Most of the survey panels asks only few of questions in their survey questioner to their respondents and for this particular survey study they will not take more then 15 minutes to complete. And for this 15 minutes survey study you may earn up to $10.00.

Based on Payment Mode

Payment mode for surveys can vary widely from site to site and from survey to survey. Expect to be compensated in these ways:

Most companies will pay you cash, but some will give you gift certificates, a chance to win bigger prizes, or “points” to be redeemed for products, cash, etc.