Shape the products of tomorrow

Be involved when the next trends emerge and influence the decisions of large, international companies.
As a member of the HI-epanels your voice will be heard, and you can influence how tomorrow’s products look like. Earn some great rewards with your opinion.

Harris Interactive serves clients worldwide through its North American, European and Asian offices, and through a global network of independent market research firms. Global panel resources – maintained according to the highest standards


You must be over 18 years of age. The Harris Interactive AG HI-epanel currently covers all most all countries from all over the World.


As a participant you will receive credits for your participation called E-Points. The amount of E-Points depends on the length of the survey and will be given in the invitation email.

One E-Point equals 16 Pence.  For a very short survey (2 to 3 minutes) you get 2 E-Points (= 32 Pence), For a complex survey (20 to 25 minutes) you get 11 E-Points (= 1,76 GBP). 

As soon as your account has reached a balance of 100 E-Points, you can select an incentive from one of our partners. 

An Amazon Gift Voucher will be delivered within 1-2 weeks via email.

Joining Fee:

There will be no costs or responsibilities for you. The participation in Hi-epanel projects is always voluntary and not binding.

How to Join:

Once you have completed your profile information with Hi-epanel, it will allow them to send you suitable selection questionnaires to determine the exact survey you can participate in. Simply fill an online registration form and become a part of Harris Interactive as a Survey Participants.