Get Paid For Your Opinions with Just The Answer

Just the answer the survey site where your answers really do count! Join today and you’ll be part of community of 100,000 UK adults who get rewarded for helping top companies improve their products and services.

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As we all knows, paid survey work is one of the easiest ways to earn money is by signing up for survey sites that offer rewards in cash or gift vouchers or any other mode for participating in paid survey questionnaires.


How much money can you make taking surveys with Just The Answer?

You can easily make an extra $5-$50 per month or more by joining Just The Answer Survey Panel. Your survey earning could be $500 or more if you use more survey sites and strategies as we have mentioned in our tips and tricks articles. Online Paid Survey Job is an interesting work, and one you can do in your free time and from the comfort of your own home.

Now you can understand that you’re not going to earn a big amount of money by joining only Just The Answer Survey Panel. But if you are serious to take a good number of surveys each month then you should need to join more survey panels as much as you can, and with this you will able to make some extra money for your needs, for paying off debt, or for investing. 

Before getting started you should need to get in touched or learn few basic things about paid surveys like, what the best survey panels are available right now, with ease how to earn with them, and most importantly you may read some tips and tricks that will help you to make enthusiast and alert you to get avoiding scams or spams.


Eligibility :

If you’re aged 16+, live in the UK, and would like to be rewarded for having your opinion heard, they’d love to hear from you.

Benefits :

For every survey you complete, you’ll receive answer points that you can redeem for Amazon vouchers, donations to charity or for entries to our quarterly prize draw with fantastic prizes! Most of our surveys reward you with between 50 and 500 answerpoints.

How to Join :

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. We regret to inform you that the Just The Answer Panel has been closed and no more available to join for new survey panelists. But Don’t worry we have something more survey opportunities for you, just explore and join listed survey panels as much as you want.

How does it work?

Just the answer sends an email inviting selected panelists to complete a new survey. The panelist simply clicks on the link, follows the instructions and submits the survey once completed.

The panelist will receive answerpoints for every survey they complete. Once the panelist has built up enough points they then simply need to choose any of the rewards on offer.

We’ll take care of all the rest. Take a look at their rewards page for full information about what you can get.