As a member of MyOpinionNow, you will be invited to participate in easy, interesting online surveys. You will get to voice your opinion, let companies know what you think, be the first to try new products for free, and in addition to that you’ll get cash, merchandise, and prizes!

Eligibility :

The surveys are open to legal residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older.

Benefits :

Earn 100 bonus points just for becoming a member. The point system allows you to choose cash or merchandise. You can earn points by taking surveys or referring your friends. You often get free new products from major companies to try

Refer and Earn

MyOpinionNow Panel offers members a way to earn unlimited Reward Points by refer to others: friends, family, or a wider audience.

For each referred person who joins, you will earn 250 Reward Points. Once that new user takes their first profile survey, you will earn 500 additional Reward Points, for a total of 750 Reward Points. Points will appear in your MyOpinionNow dashboard balance immediately.

Redemption Method:

You simply need a minimum of 20,000 Reward Points to redeem for you survey earning as a cash. 20000 Reward Points are equivalent to US $20.

So, If you have sufficient points balance in your MYOpinionsNow Account and want to redeem, you will receive a Check for the highest point level you qualify for, and the additional points will remain in your account.

Joining Fees :

Membership in panel is free. You will never have to pay any money to be a member.

How it works :

After you become a member, we will periodically contact you via email to invite you to participate in our upcoming online surveys.

Each time you complete a survey, you will receive Reward Points, which you will then be able to either save up or redeem immediately for the rewards of your choice.

The more surveys you participate in, the more you can earn cash online and get free merchandise, prizes, and rewards.

How to Join :

If you want to become a member of MyOpinionNow, Don’t waste another minute! Registration process is simple and it will not take more than 3 minutes. You may Join now by filling out the information on the joining pages and start earning points today!