To make your opinions count! NPD research helps some of the world’s largest companies decide what you want and why.

By participating in NPD surveys, you can be sure your voice will be heard. Their surveys are fun and quick, and you can win cash and prizes just for participating.

Eligibility :

be at least 18 years of age, be a citizen of the United States or Canada.

Benefits :

Members earn points for completing surveys, and each point is worth one entry into an exciting sweepstakes of your choice. you will automatically be entered for a monthly $1,000 sweepstakes upon completing a survey.

Joining Fees :

There is no fee for your participation. It’s FREE to join.

How to join :

Sorry this panel has been Closed and this is no longer accepting new panelists.

For taking the first step and completing the member profile survey, you will be automatically entered to win $1,000. 

To become a member of the panel, simply click on Join Now. You will be taken to our new member registration page.