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Paid Survey Directory

The online paid survey panel’s directory is the most important and convenient functions for the survey takers. Functionally here we are actually listed paid survey panels in many sub-directories as per specifications. With the help of sub-directories you able to find survey panels as per your specific needs; your demographic location, profession, age, interest, rewards type and so on.

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You will find for each survey site listed; basic information, reward type, payment method, eligibility criteria and more. Before getting started, we would highly recommend visiting the How to Maximize your survey Earnings Tips and Tricks page, which will give you some basic knowledge, some great tips to help you along, and explains some of the abbreviations used in the directories.

Survey Jury does NOT list survey sites that it feels may violate your privacy or distribute your email address. If you find a site within the online Paid Survey Directory that you feel does not live up to this standard please send an email. Also, if you find a paid survey site that you think should be included, let us know.

If you are ready to hurdle right in simply choose the appropriate online paid survey directory below.

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Online Paid Survey Panels Starter Directory

The online paid survey starter directory contains some of the better paid survey sites. These sites tend to send out survey invitations more frequently. They also represent the various types of paid survey sites you can sign up for.

Featured Paid Survey Panels Directory

The featured directory lists sites that, in one way or another, help to support Survey Jury. These sites help to keep this site free. Help show your support by considering these survey sites as part of your paid online survey experience. For more information on how to help support Survey Jury, please visit the Support page.

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Regional Paid Survey Panels Directory

1. United States Paid Survey Panels Directory

Contains all free paid survey sites that US residents are eligible for. Also contains sites for specific parts of the US, see the “notes” box for details.

2. Canadian Paid Survey Panels Directory

This directory is for residents of Canada. If you are Canadian, this list is for you.

3. Australian Paid Survey Panels Directory

Complete listing for residents of Australia.

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4. United Kingdom Paid Survey Panels Directory

The paid survey directory for those of you living in the UK.

5. International Paid Survey Panels Directory

If you don’t live in any of the areas above, then try out the International paid survey directory. This lists sites that are open to all countries and also lists other specific countries not listed above, such as France, India, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany and others.

Special Interest Paid Survey Panels Directory

Music Paid Survey Panels

Listen to and rate new music. You’ll enjoy free music previews and be rewarded with free music as well. Sites for various types of music are listed, a must for any music lover.

Teen Paid Survey Panels

Survey sites designed specifically for teens. Take fun teen surveys on various topics like music, entertainment, video games and other teen issues.

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Sports Paid Survey Panels

Survey sites for the sports fanatic. Whether your active is sports or just an avid sports fan, there’s a sports panel out there for you. Golf surveys, fantasy sports, fishing, hunting, extreme sports, NASCAR and more. Test free sports equipment or share your opinions.

Technology or IT Paid Survey Panels

Free paid survey sites for technology and IT professionals. Share you technological expertise with other in the field and get paid for your time.

Healthcare Paid Survey Panels

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Panels specifically for those in the medical and sciences fields, as well as, for those with certain ailments

Payment methods wise Paid Survey Panels 

For your opinions you every time rewarded by the paid survey panels and incentives can paid you via PayPal, Check or Gift Vouchers, Sometimes you also get a chance for Prize Draws also.