PaidFocusGroup is part of Netetude UK Ltd group. This website is one of the recruitment interfaces of respondents and participants in marketing research studies.

A consumer focus group is a meeting where a group of selected people are asked about their opinions towards a product or service with the purpose of helping brands to improve their services.


You must be over 18 years of age. Most of the panelists are from UK but Paid Focus Group panel is open for almost all countries.


You earn money/points for every project you take part in. Projects typically pay anything from £10 to £350.

If you are chosen to take part in our focus groups you will be paid for every focus group you participate in, either by cash or voucher.

Rewards & Incentives come in various forms such as Gift Vouchers, PayPal payments, or Amazon Vouchers.

This process ensures you will only be invited into focus groups you have a chance to participate in.

Joining Fee:

Absolutely FREE to Join. 

How to Join:

Once you have completed your profile information with Paid Focus Group (PFG) Panel, it will allow them to send you suitable selection questionnaires to determine the exact focus group studies or surveys you can participate in.