Spider Matrix is the place on the Internet where your opinion makes you money! Do you enjoy completing surveys? Great!

They have online surveys that you can complete and they will pay you for your opinion. All you need to do is register to become a ‘spider’. It’s free, it’s quick and so easy to make a little cash…!


As long as you are a ‘real person’ at least 14 years old, you can register. 

What’s in it for me?

For every Survey that you are invited to do and you accept, you will earn spiderPoints which you can then use for –

  • Vouchers, from amazon.com
  • Real Cash, via PayPal or Bank
  • Auctions where you bid using your points.
  • SpiderPoints have no expiry date, for as long as you remain a member of SpiderMetrix

Earn Dollars, not cents!

There are many different ways to collect spiderPoints. Registering, completing your Profile and our Trial Test will not only get you on your way, but it will give you the opportunity to participate in weekly Surveys, Competitions, and earn bonus spiderPoints.

Refer and Earn

You make more Spider Matrix point By referring your friends or Family members. The points you earn via your Referrals will show up in your account.

Register Today! SpiderMatrix is free, easy and there is no obligation whatsoever. It pays to register… literally! You’ll earn your first points just by signing up. Becoming a spider is the first step. You will then be eligible to participate in surveys and other studies and earn further rewards.