We could list all sorts of reasons, but there would be no easy way for you to verify most of what we said – so we won’t even bother mentioning them.

Some people even ask to contact our existing customers, but our strict privacy policy prohibits disclosing that type of information.

To make a long story short,

  • we are 100% free, all information are free on our portal.
  • we are social, you can find us on almost every popular social media network.
  • we don’t ask you for a credit card.
  • we have large number of fan following, they prove what we are.
  • we have 250K+ email subscribers.

so that in itself should prove to you we are not a scam.

Think about it … It’s not like we’re asking you to send cash to a P.O. Box or something. Now THAT would be indicative of a “scam” and you should never do that.

It really is as simple as that. This is no scam, and you have nothing to lose.