Earn extra money by becoming an Online Juror at Trial Practices Inc.

You will review interesting legal cases from the comfort of your home, provide feedback through an online questionnaire, and be paid well for your time.

Earn additional money working from home – students, housewives, retirees, self- employed and professionals needed!

Eligibility :

To become a member of Trial Practice Panel you must at east 18 years of aged, be a citizen of the United States, be of sound mind and good moral character, be able to read and write.

Benefits :

To make this process work, the parties need jury-eligible citizens from particular venues, such as the community in which you live, to serve by listening to the case and deciding the issues much as you would do if called to actual jury service.

These sessions usually last only eight to ten hours on weekends or five to seven hours on weekdays.

If selected, you will be paid between $100 and $150 per session immediately upon verdict. 

Joining Fees :

There is no fee for your participation. It’s FREE to join.

How to join :

To become an Online Juror you need to visit Trial Practices Inc’s home page and with the use of  Juror Link you can complete your registration on the singupdirect.com.

By signing up to their panel you will be added to their private Participant Database. Complete the Oath, complete the Identity Verification, complete your Demographic Profile and finally Submit registration form.


Jury Research Events may involve either online or face-to-face groups.