PanelPlace started off by connecting users to Online market research products. Today, they’ve expanded their product categories to promote various digital products and services around the world.

PanelPlace is an online marketplace for you to find and discover opportunities offered by various digital products and services that help to improve life experience.

Why do you need to Join Panel Place

PanelPlace helps you to identify the better opportunities online. Most people find and try opportunities as a way to improve themselves, something that they can do from home during their free time 

Panel Place working with many Companies and Brands, they evaluate the online opportunities that really bring benefits to the users like you for your effort. 

In words of Panel Place, they are the world’s 1st portal dedicated to help members keep track of the opportunities that they’ve joined and keep them informed of those that they have not joined. In this way, panel place members will not miss out on any opportunity.

Who can become a member?

Anyone who is at least 13 years of age or above can register at Panel Place for free.

How do you Join Panel Place?

To become a member of Panel Place, simply enter your email at the Joining Page of the PanelPlace go to the next step and now you need to fill out the detailed information about your demographic profile. It will not take your 5 minutes.

How do you use Panel Place

After successfully register yourself, login to your PanelPlace account and go to Opportunities > My Opportunities and click the Grab This Now button to engage with the digital product or service that offers an opportunity that you are interested in.

Pros and Con’s of Panel Place

Panel Place is Free For everyone to Become their Member.Panel Place itself doesn’t offers any Rewards directly to their Members.
You are able to use Panel Place evaluated Listed opportunities for Free.You will not earn money or get paid by refer a friend or family member to them.
You can save your time and efforts to find a legit and workable offers through PanelPlace Dashboard.They will earn every time, when your referred friend grab any offered opportunity.

Overall you can think to use PanlePlace with the confidence, there is nothing to lose for you, but they have lot of digital opportunities for free.