Share your honest feedback in quick polls, test prototype products, discover your local area with real-world missions and more.

When you take into consideration that eRewards Opinion Panel stretches across 38 countries and is comprised of over 6 million highly desirable, active and responsive members – bigger definitely equates to better.

You want the most far-reaching, quality source for online panelists.

They give you access to over 6 million day-to-day consumers, business professionals and hard-to-reach audiences around the world.

Eligibility :

e-Rewards is open to anyone over the age of 18 who has an e-mail address and is open for worldwide panelists.

Benefits :

You’ll earn Opinion Points just for sharing your opinions. You’ll also shape the development of new products and services when you participate in an e-Rewards Survey.

They are easy to complete, and since they only send invitations to participate in surveys that match your unique interests, we’re confident you’ll find them fun and interesting.

Every time you do, you’ll earn e-Rewards Currency. Once you collected enough, you can redeem for a reward of your choosing.

Joining Fees :

There is no charge for participation. They pay you!

How to join :

Joining e-Rewards is FREE and by invitation only. Their Sponsors send invitations to their customers inviting them to join the programme. If you’ve provided your e-mail address to one of their Sponsor companies, you could receive an invitation to join e-Rewards.