It is not matter who are you either a housewife, student, freelance worker, teen or a retired person. Once you’ve been taking paid surveys for a while, you will often find that you have become a member of many paid survey panels. You will probably be flooded by emails with survey invitations, and may decide that you want to cut back and focus on the survey panels that are worthwhile and are the best paying online surveys.
So you are trying to make an extra couple bucks every month for pocket money or want to pay grocery bills, but don’t know how to do? Well, surveys are the best answer to do that. Here we will show you how to find a survey portal, take the surveys and get paid for your valuable time and opinion.

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8. You may be earn in cash or as a Gift voucher.


  • Use separate email account for to do surveys.
  • Get a Paypal account in free if required
  • Always give your honest opinions, and don’t be fickle.


  • You’ll never be charged any fees for legit survey panels. so don’t pay for Joining.
  • Never share your credit card information.