MRC’s (Music Research Consultants) new Music Lovers and Record Test Online surveys were introduced in 2004. Music Lovers Surveys provide instant access to responses from the national and international Music Lovers Panel.


This panel is available for all countries participants from all around the World.


To Join Music Research panel you at least 13 years old or above.


ML Surveys provide longer-term online exposure, while the more comprehensive RTO offers faster survey completion.

Members in the US are also eligible to win prizes in monthly drawings. Members may also win by prizes by participating in special surveys, contests and events. 

Winners of the Giveaway will be notified by e-mail within 30 days of the drawing.


Music Research Panel is completely free for become a MusciLover participants.


If you’re a lover of pop music, you’ve just discovered the place where Your Opinions Really Count and Free Music from major and emerging artists is just a click away.

Become eligible to receive and rate new music via streaming mp3 Join Music Research panel.