What is a Focus Group?

When a company or brand wants to carry out a market research, it can include focus groups. These focus groups bring together a small group of people who are interviewed to gather their opinions and criticisms.

Do i get paid at a focus group?

Of course! Because your opinion is important and because you devote your time, you will get paid for each focus group you participate in. This compensation varies between US $15 to $200 or more (depending on the duration of the meeting and the desired profile). You will get paid by cheque, paypal or direct bank deposit.

Who can participate in focus groups?

Anyone registered in the website of Online Focus Group may participate in a focus group and they have some all across the World.

How to increase my chances to participate in a focus group?

When you create your account you have access to different profile questionnaires. It is very important to complete these questionnaires because they enable us to know you better and thus offer you targeted questionnaires.

How to Join?

Taking part in Focus groups allows members to express themselves, give opinions and get paid for their participation and help. Explore all listed Focus Group Panel For Free.