Global IT and technology panel community is looking for members who are involved in the IT industry, whether you are a programmer, manager or executive. Express and share your opinions about IT and business topics relevant to you, in a highly secure and private environment.

A List of information Technology Survey Panels:

  • Earn cash US $2 to $75 or more for every online survey you complete.
  • Provide feedback that drives the direction of IT research and product development. 

1. Beta Research: 

Location: Worldwide

Benefits : Automatically entered in a drawing for a Apple iPhone, Once you register. Each time you fill out a survey you’ll also receive a special “thank you” gift.

Rewards : Gifts and Cash

2. My Survey

Location: Worldwide

Benefits : 1,000 points is equivalent to $10.00, which can be redeemed for a variety of Reward items.

Rewards : Redeem points for PayPal, e-certificates, gift cards and more with just a few simple clicks. 

3. Osterman Research

Location: Worldwide

Benefits : We survey IT professionals and non-technical end users in small, mid-sized and large organizations around the world. We do not survey people who do not fit this profile.

4. Technology Advisory Board 

Location: Worldwide

Benefits : The amount depends on the length of the survey or discussion, and ranges from $10 U.S. to $200 U.S. or more.

Rewards : Paid by Check or Paypal

5. TechWise Research Panel

Location: Worldwide

Benefits : You will often be either paid, and/or have the chance to win prizes just for completing surveys.

Rewards : Paid by Check, Paypal or Gift Card.

6. TechSay

Location: Worldwide

Benefits : For each survey you complete, you’ll receive minimum of 200 TekPoints ($10 USD).

Rewards : You can redeem for $50 USD, in your local currency via Check.

7. American Printer Opinion

Location: Worldwide

Benefits : A number of surveys offer guaranteed incentive payments to members who qualify for and complete those surveys.

Rewards : Drawings for online gift certificates, cash prizes, or electronic equipment.

8. Kidz Connex

Location: Worldwide

Benefits : Almost every activity is worth at least $1.00 and many are worth $5.00, $10.00 and more!!!

Rewards : Redeem for a check.