A great way to earn some extra paid survey income is through referrals. Many paid online survey companies offer some sort of referral or affiliate program. By referring a few friends. The paid survey site offers a referral program.

That is they will either let you send an email through their site to refer a friend or give you a link with a referral code in it. If the person you referred signs up you will get something in return. This is the most straight forward and simple method to refer someone to a paid survey site that you are a member of.

You will be able to either login to your account and send an email to whomever you want to refer or be able to get a referral link that can be emailed, put on a web page or posted to a forum, etc…


  • Simple and straight forward, easy to use and understand.
  • No additional requirements other than being a member of the paid survey site.
  • Referral compensation is added to your regular survey compensation. So, for those survey sites with a minimum cash out amount, you’ll be able to cash out earlier.
  • You don’t need to own a website in order to refer others.
  • Most common form of referral among paid survey sites.

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