Getting Referrals

There are many ways to actually get referrals to your paid survey sites. This section will cover some great FREE methods that We’ve used to gain referrals.
1. Email friends and family. 
Either send an email through the respective survey site, send a referral link to the site you are promoting or send a link to the web page you’ve created. Just don’t spam anyone, make sure the people you email would actually want to receive email from you.
2. Add an email signature to your outgoing email. 
Most email programs will allow you to add a signature at the bottom of your email. This option should be under options or setup or something similar. An email signature is a short message that will always be added to the bottom of your messages whenever you send an email. Come up with a catchy tag line and add the link to your opportunity to your signature. If most of the email you send is personal in nature, make the message more personal, so that it seems to be directly from you. Theory is, that every time you send an email, there’s a chance that someone may check out your site or opportunity.
3. Message boards and forums. 
There are thousands of message boards and forums out there where you can post your paid survey referral link. However, if you find a suitable forum, make sure to read through their rules regarding posting, some will not allow it.
4. Traffic Exchanges.
This is a great way to get some free traffic to your site. You basically will view other people’s websites and in exchange they will view yours. This is great if you’re new to marketing on the web and is a great platform for a paid online survey site. If you go to the Traffic Exchange System, there’s a complete section on traffic exchanges, a system for surfing multiple traffic exchanges at once and a complete listing of recommended traffic exchanges.