VGMarket runs video game focus groups for kids and adults of all ages. Video game developers are good at what they do, but they’re not mind readers!

They want to hear from gamers like you to make sure their games are good before spending millions developing them.

Fifty bucks or a free game or two is a small price to pay to make sure a new game has everything you want!

Eligibility :

They have done playtests for kids as young as 6 (they really helped them out with Littlest Pet Shop) and adults as old as 60. Any play-tester under 13 must have a parent sign up on their behalf.


The games with mature content are always playtested by ages 18+ only.


However VGMarket is inviting people from all around the World but If you are a legal resident of US, UK, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, China or Russia, you may have more Surveys opportunities in comparatively other countries respondents.

Benefits :

They pay you for each survey you participate in. Plus, they offer the best rewards anywhere. You can take your earnings as cash, FREE games, or other rewards!

Joining Fees :

There is no charge for participation. They pay you!

How to join :

You can sign up for their invitation list by visiting VGMarket registration page. Once you’re signed up, that’s it! They will contact you as soon as they have something for you!