Work at home or Home Based Jobs companies are offered : Typing Jobs, Content Writing Jobs, Medical Transcription Jobs, Online Teaching Jobs, Language Translation Jobs, Mystery Shoppers, Online Market Research (Survey) Jobs etc.

Eligibility :

Skills vary depending on the type of work. Most require workers be age 18 with a high school diploma.

Benefits :

The amount of income (US $5 to $300 or more per day) you can make working from home is determined by a few factors.


Work-at-home workers are often paid a per page, per word, per entry, per minute or per hour rate. Workers compensated only for time spent on the work, not for time spending to come in. For those paid per basis, obviously moving quickly more money. Usually by Check, EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) or PayPal.

How to Join :

If you are a Freelancer, Home staying Moms, Students, Retired individuals, Part-timers, Unemployed or if you have Skills in specific Industries: graphic design, web design, web development, writing, blogging, transcription, translating etc.